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Dry Cleaning Glossary of Terms

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A solution added to the dry cleaning solvent to remove water soluble stains that the solvent alone will not efficiently remove.

Digestive Agent

A spotting solution that is made up of enzymes that help to remove protein stains.


A process in the dry cleaning machine where the solvent is boiled to remove impurities and return it to its pure, crystal clear state.  At Classic Touch this is done after every load to produce the best colors avaliable.


Also called cylinder.  This is the part of the dry cleaning machine or washer where the items to be cleaned are placed for cleaning.

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Dry Cleaning

Any method of cleaning that uses an organic solvent to clean textiles and clothing as opposed to water.

Dry Drop Store

A location where dry cleaning can be dropped off and picked up, but no actual cleaning is performed.

Dry side spotting solution

A spotting solution that is designed to remove oil based stains such as paint, oil and grease; which are not water soluble.

Dry to Dry Machine

A dry cleaning machine in which the cleaning and drying cycles are done in the same drum.  The items are put in dry and are not removed until all of the solvent has been removed and the items are once again dry.
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