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Dry Cleaning Glossary of Terms

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Carbon Adsorber

A bag of carbon that is placed on the air outlet of a dry cleaning machine to filter out every last bit of solvent.

Cartridge Filter

A removeable filter that contains filter paper and usually clay and carbon surrounded by a pourous metal casing.


The step in the cleaning process where garments are sorted into similar groups for cleaning based on color, materail, trim and a number of other factors.

Closed-loop Machine

A dry cleaning machine in which you put the clothes in dry and remove them after they have dried.  This kind of machine releases on vapor until after the dry cycle is complete and there is no solvent left on the garmnets.

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Cold Machine

A drier that has no heat and only tumbles items.

Commercial Drycleaners

A drycleaning business that focuses mainly on cleaning uniforms, apparel and household items such as sheets, linens and towels.

Condensate Water

Water that comes from the drycleaning machine that is a produced by the condensing of vapors of slovent that was cooked in the still.


A part of the drycleaning machine that is used to cool the heated vapors and return them to a liquid state.  All solvent that comes from the still and the drying cycle next goes to the condenser.

Contact Water

Any water in the drycleaning machine that has come in contact with solvent and has the posibility of containing solvent.

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The last step of the drycleaning process where the items are cooled to reduce wrinkling and make them easier to hang up out of the machine.
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