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Dry Cleaning Glossary of Terms

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Solution added to dry cleaning detergent to prevent the growth of bacteria in the dry cleaning machine and solvent.

Base Tank

Tanks at the bottom of a dry cleaning machine that hold clean solvent or solvent waiting to be transferred to the still.  Most dry cleaning machines have either one or two base tanks.


A chemical that can either be used in washing or spotting that reduces the apperaence of stains. 

Boil Down

The last step in distillation in which the temperature in the still is increased to cook down all of the remaining solvent before the still is cleaned.

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The insulated chamber where water is heated to make the steam needed to press garments.  The steam can also be mixed with cold water through a mixing valve to produce the desired temperature of hot water.

Boiler Blowdown Water

The water that is released from blowing down the boiler as regular maintenance to prevent the build up of solid patrticles and scale.


The bottom part of a pressing machine where the garments are placed to be pressed.

Button Trap

A filter palced before the solvent pump in a dry cleaning machine that prevents large objects such as buttons and change from entering and breaking the pump.
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