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Thank you for your interest in using Jabil’s Onsite Dry Cleaning Service.  Here are a few steps to help you get signed up and take advantage of this employee benefit.

1. Sign up for service either through JabilDryCleaning.com or requesting a form from your Delivery Specialist.

2. Take out your cell phone and program in your delivery specialist’s phone number.  Jeff Anderson 727-543-2070.  Jeff is there to answer any question you might have from requesting a pick-up to calling to ask the best way to pre-treat a spill that just happened at lunch.  He is your dry cleaning resource for any questions or requests you may have.

3. For the first pick-up you may use any kind of bag to drop off your clothing, many new customers use a bag from their old cleaners or even a trash/grocery bag.  After your first pick-up we will supply you with our welcome kit that includes one of our reusable bags for future drop offs. 

4. Standard turnaround time is 2 days for returning your items.  This provides time for top quality stain removal and ensures the best results.  Quicker turnaround times are available free of charge including next day and even same day when requested. 

5. You may schedule your next pick-up by using Jeff’s number in your cell phone to call or text for a pick-up.  You can also email him at Jeff@ClassicTouchCleaners.com or click the “Request a Pick-up” button on JabilDryCleaning.com

6. Check the Specials page at JabilDryCleaning.com to keep up with the current coupons and specials avaliable to you as a Jabil employee.  You can also sign up here to reveive our new specials via email, so you can be the first to find out.