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Oriental Rug Glossary of Terms

Abrash Variation in a particular color resulting from the difference in dye lots. 
Anatolian A name loosely applied to all Turkish rugs. 
Ara-Khachi Middle or main stripe in the border (see Bala-Khachi) 
Aubusson A rug hand-woven in France, with a flat weave and pastel colors 
Baff Knot 
Small border strips on either side of the main border strip (see Ara-Khachi) 
Behbehlik Saddle bag or saddle cover
Berdelik Wall hanging; silk rugs generally fit into this category 
Bid Manjum Weeping willow design, or a combination of weeping willow, cyprus and poplar trees. 
Cartoon A piece of graph-like paper on which the rug pattern has been drawn; as a guide in waving the rug, each square represents a single knot, the color of which is keyed to the color of the square. 
Cartouche A cloudlike enclosure which surrounds a date or an inscription woven into a rug 
Caucasian Refers to rugs woven in the Caucasus Mountain region.  The patterns of these rugs are brightly colored, highly stylized and geometrical. 
Chuval A large storage bag (see Juval) 
Dasgah Loom 
Dozar Refers to carpets 4 by 6 feet in size 
Enessi Door (tent) drapery 
Fringe The loose ends of a carpet's warp threads emerging from the upper and lower ends of the carpet; it may be either or plain. 
Ghali see Kellei 
Ghiordes Knot Turkish knot; the knot encircles both warp threads 
Gul Turkoman tribal emblem, which is unique to each tribe 
Guli Flower 
Guli Henna Pattern with small yellow plant shape set in rows with profuse flower forms uniting them in a diamond arrangement. 
Hammamlik Bath rug 
Harshang Crab design; pattern with large motifs similar to the Shah Abbas pattern which suggest a crab 
Hatch Flower 
Herati Pattern that consists of a rosette surrounded by four leaves or "fish". The rosette is usually found inside a diamond shape (lozenge), although it need not be. 
Jufti Knot "false knot"; a modified Turkish or Persian knot, in which the weaver uses four warp threads per knot instead of two. 
Juval A tent bag (see Chuval) 
Keleyghi Small (5 by 10 to 6 by 12 feet) kellei used at the top of the Kellei Kenareh arrangement 
Kellei Large, rectangular (6 by 16 to 8 by 20 feet) carpet used at the center of a traditional Persian room arrangement. (Also called Ghali) 
Kenareh runners (3 by 16 to 4 by 20 feet) used on either side of the kellei. 
Kelim a pileless rug created by interweaving colored weft threads through the warp threads; or a finished terminal portion of a carpet falling between the pile and the fringes. 
Kiaba Refers to a rug approximately 5 1/2 by 9 feet in size. 
Lechai Corner design in a rug 
Lechek Torunj Ay design with corner and central medallions. 
Mafrash Large saddle bag 
Makatlik Long, narrow rugs; runners 
Metnih Main ground or field of a rug 
Mihrab Arch or niche of a prayer rug 
Mina Khani Design comprised of repeated floral motifs surrounded by four similar smaller flowers joined by vines to form a diamond arrangement. 
Mir-I-Boteh Design made of multiple rows of repeated boteh (pine cone or pears). 
Morgi "hen" pattern, an imaginative design resembling a chicken, which was originated by the Afshari tribe. 
Nagzh Pattern (Persian) 
Namazlik Namazi; prayer rug 
Odjaklik Hearth or fire rug 
Palas a Caucasian kelim 
Panel Design Design in which the field is divided into rectangular compartments, each of which encloses one or more motifs 
Patina the sheen acquired by the pile of the rug with age and use 
Perde refers to a rug approximately 5 by 9 feet in size 
Persian Knot Senna knot; a strand of wool encircles one warp thread and winds loosely around the other 
Pile nap of the rug; the clipped ends of the knotted wool 
Pushti Persian small mat or pillow cover, approximately 2 by 3 feet 
Saff "family" prayer rug that has multiple mihrabs in a series 
Savonnerie A rug hand-knotted in France with a thick, heavy pile and pastel colors. 
Sedjadeh Medium-sized carpet, approximately 7 to 10 feet in length 
Selvedge The sides of a carpet, which have been overcast with wool or cotton for reinforcement 
Senna Knot Persian knot; encircles one warp thread and winds loosely around the other 
Shah Abbas Patron of carpet-making (A.D. 1571-1629); also the pattern with an all-over design with various types of palmettes, cloudbands and vases interconnected by some form of stalk or tendril. 
SU Lines dividing the border stripes 
Talim A piece of paper on which the design of a carpet has been written out, knot by knot (Cf. cartoon) 
Tereh Design (Persian) 
Tevehr Band of solid color on the outside of a rug 
Tarbo Storage bag 
Turbehlik Grave carpet, spread over graves as those in the West spread flowers.