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Cleaning Your Leather for That New Leather Smell

Classic Touch Dry Cleaners offers the best available leather cleaning for all of your items.  Sure we live in Florida, but on a cold day you know there is not much that can keep you as warm as your favorite leather coat.  From pre-spotting stains to the cleaning and pressing stages, cleaning your fine leather suede items is a completely different process than regular dry cleaning. 

The Leather Cleaning Process
You can always trust the Classic Touch experts to clean all of your leather pieces with only eco-friendly cleaning methods.  Heavily soiled areas, such as your collars and cuffs, are pretreated to produce the best possible results.  While in the cleaning machine, special solutions are added to clean the leather while also keeping it soft and supple.  Once cleaned your items are slow dried and tumbled briefly to assist in the finishing process.  Once dried, pieces are either pressed of steam finished depending on the item to restore them to that “just purchased” look and feel.

Have Dark Stains on a Light Jacket?
Due to the porous nature of most leather there are times when a stain, such as ink or dye, can’t be removed without damaging the finish.  These items can be restored by either repainting or even dying them to a darker color to cover up the spot or stain. 

Leather Repairs
No need to bring your leather and suede items to two different places to have them cleaned and repaired.  Our tailor specializes in all alterations and repairs to any of your special leather items.

With our short winter months in Florida, you can always trust Classic Touch Dry Cleaners to have your leather cleaning items completed quickly to keep you warm and stylish in the colder months.