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Featherbed Cleaning Specialists

If you own a feather bed then you probably know it can be hard to find a place to have it cleaned when the time comes.  Luckily you have found the right place right here a Classic Touch Dry Cleaners.  All featherbeds are cleaned with the same care and eco-friendly dry cleaning processes as your regular cleaning items already receive.

The Cleaning Process
Proper space for tumbling is the key to expert featherbed cleaning.  All too often featherbeds are stuffed in a washer that is too small for proper cleaning.  The result is a partially cleaned, splotchy featherbed that is sure to fall short of your expectations.  With our new computer controlled washers there are special programs designed especially for featherbed cleaning. 

Proper Drying is Key
After the cleaning process it is extremely important to have a dryer that has sufficient space for adequate tumbling.  If your featherbed is dried in an undersized dryer it is possible that it may come back to you not completely dry or it may have scorch spots from the heating element of the dryer.  Our oversized dryer has plenty of room for the largest featherbeds and spins in both directions to ensure adequate drying.  You are sure to notice the difference of how fluffy and full your featherbed will be. 

Packaged to Stay Fluffy
Even a featherbed that has been properly cleaned and dried can fall short if it is not packaged correctly.  It is crucial that a featherbed not be folded up too small.  By doing so all of the fullness you desire is lost.  At Classic Touch we have oversized bags perfect for keeping you comforter clean and fluffy during transport. 

We Come to You
Now that you have found the right cleaners to handle your featherbed cleaning needs the next step is choosing to stop by our store or taking advantage of our Free Dry Cleaning Delivery Service.  Featherbeds are large and heavy and often difficult for you to transport.  Our dependable delivery staff will remove you featherbed right off your bed and replace it after it has been cleaned.  Your dry cleaning delivery service is available across Pinellas including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Largo and Seminole.